Diary of an Unempleneur

Unemployed. Adjective (plural). Not having a job that provides money.

Entrepreneur. Noun (singular). A person who attempts to make a profit by starting a company or by operating alone in the business world, especially when it involves taking risks.

Unempleneur. Noun. A recovering unemployed person who is on the road of entrepreneurship.

Lately, a lot of people have been talking about the FIRE movement, (FIRE standing for Financially Independent Retired Early people). For starters it seems that achieving this status, as almost everything, is a combination of luck and skill, where the former usually plays a paramount role.

However, a debate has started regarding how much of a retiree are these proponents. Some of them just switched gears by committing their time as ambassadors of charitable causes, and others fulfill their mission as curious infinite learners reaching stardom through amazing content generation.

All in all, their schedules differ largely with the senior retirees cliche of playing bingo and knitting.

Something similar happens with unemployment, let me be clear, I do not feel less busy, or less productive. And no matter what you assume, reality might overwhelm you.

I can’t overstress the importance of finding unconditional support from your spouse, family, and friends. This love is surely the fact preventing me from falling into a bad place, anxiety levels are under control, while thrive and optimism prevail.

Some of the first thoughts that crossed my mind, and what a lot of people have asked me was:

what is it that you want to do now?

To a guy with only a hammer…

We are talking about a 14 year long stretch, and familiarity will always be alluring. Getting back on the horse seemed like the obvious, reasonable choice; however, this might be a once in a lifetime chance for doing something different.

With a heart divided between rejoining the corporate workforce and starting my own business, I faced a real conundrum.

Think or Swim mode on…

While pondering on the available options seems like a worthwhile exercise, the time has come to put the wheels in motion.

Be impatient with action, while patient with results. @naval

Currently, both choices are not mutually exclusive, as I keep up networking and looking for a full-time job.

However, I am struggling with the entreprenuer calling…

Lately, destiny has been kind, and I am currently on a hot streak. Life as an entrepreneur seems an appealing reality, and at home my wife has been nothing but supportive, building me up, and hands on with this new reality. Thanks Karla!

All in all, I’ll be working on a follow up piece… I’ll keep you posted!


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