Investing and time travel

“When people think about traveling to the past, they worry about the possibility of accidentally changing the present, but almost nobody thinks that in the present they can radically change the future”

I found this quote on social networks a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of my favorites, despite not knowing the original source.

Where does this phobia come from? Two sources come to mind: The Simpsons and Back to the Future.

In the animated series of the yellow family, in a Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer, when trying to fix a bread toaster, turns it into a time machine. After traveling to the past, our protagonist remembers the wise words of his father, who warns about the repercussions that can have if he decided to alter the past … Homer, being Homer, accidentally screws up over and over with hilarious results in the present time, after killing a fly or sneezing in front of a T-Rex.


As for the eighties classic movie starring Michael J. Fox, we can see in the trilogy the different effects that the adventures of Marty McFly and Doctor Brown have through the space-time continuum. From the possibility that his parents had not known each other, to the multiplying effect that gives his rival the knowledge of the most relevant sporting results of several decades.

Now, many of the headlines in financial news begin with: “One dollar invested in X company 20 years ago, today would be so many thousands”. And while they attract attention, many people tend to respond in a skeptical way, while the exponential growth of financial instruments is usually a reality. Here, the call to action is not to finish reading and clap the story, it is to generate awareness and act upon it.

This Simpsons’ episode premiered in October 1994, while the film “Back to the Future” in July 1985. As of November 2018, the S&P 500 has accumulated a 505 and 1,350 percent return, respectively.

These periods include the biggest financial crisis in eight decades, the dot-com bubble, and even Black Monday, making clear that, despite going through adverse cycles, the market has rewarded in the long term.

While it is still not possible to travel to the past and make a small change that would dramatically transform your current economic situation, today you can make that decision that will yield exponential benefits in your future. This decision can range from learning something new, starting a business, or starting to invest.

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