Living in a one-click world

Once upon a time, and really not quite along, we used to live in a world where our willpower was set to test, hard, on a daily basis. Procrastination used to live large among all of us, setting a lot of important, and some urgent, issues to Lady Luck’s random temper.

Wait, most of us obliviously still do the same. Willpower has always been a highly-praised virtue, but a lot of highly prepared and motivated dreamers wake up every day with the vision of empowering people towards their own wellbeing.

These choice architects try their best to set the appropriate and frictionless environment to get people started, committed, and involved in many endeavors that will translate into improvements in areas such as health, education, and wealth, to mention a few.

Some of the risks of this powerful double edged sword of the “one-click world” is that we are usually lured into self-indulgence as well. The arm’s length availability of short-lived immediate products and services, hinders our will power, and makes us succumb to hedonistic dopamine-liberating conducts.

Usually the price to pay erodes our liquidity and introduces a stress factor for our wealth creation: credit.

I am not trying to say credit is the root of evil. When it is used properly credit is actually an enabler for greater goods, as a house for example. It is over leverage and high rates for non-core assets a dangerous recipe for our well being. Once Albert Einstein said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

We often fall prey of instant gratification and tag high bills for our future selves. I think that it is important to write a check for our future selves from time to time, it is always nice to get a present and it is even better to be a giver, here you can be on both sides of the equation ;).

However, I started writing this post with the intention to focus on the bright side. It’s in the execution where most of us capitulate, actually planning usually leads us to a happy place, where the goal shines brightly. Let’s focus on future goals of higher order, and make something good for us today.

I invite you to start planning for your financial wellbeing, join us in the better side of the one-click world. Even without spending one cent today, you know that your goal is on its way. Sleep tight and smile. We got you this time.

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