Innovation at the service of the user

Albert Einstein defined madness as expecting different results always doing the same. Some sources attribute that, in fact this phrase, was written by Rita Mae Brown in 1983. Regardless of its origin, this quote leaves a great lesson, different results require rethinking many processes, and sometimes, creativity ranks higher than technology.

If history has shown us anything, is that the only constant is change, and despite feeling that the processes or products we use every day are optimal, and efficiency levels reach an asymptotic limit, new technologies take us to exponential improvements.

“Any substantially advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clarke

We only have to take a look at the progress made since the appearance of the wheel, printing press, steam engine, internal combustion engine, telephony, production line, computer, internet, smartphone. Each of these has resulted in exponential improvements in productivity and growth.

Turning your world upside down

For more than 120 years Heinz, one of the most recognized brands in the food processing industry, managed to put on the table of the American consumer an essential dressing in its cuisine, and an eternal conflict.

Yes, we’ll talk about the ketchup bottle.


For some of us this struggle with bottles of ketchup was resolved about 15 years ago, for others this fight never existed. And it is another example of innovation centered on the user, and supported by him.

Despite the fact that nowadays we are used to see innovation governed by Moore’s Law, or to reap the benefits of the multiplier effect of social networks, this specific change was supported by progress in materials and Newton’s Law.

While this prestigious company–where Warren Buffet has an interest of almost 27 percent–began using plastic bottles since the 90’s, it was until 2003 that they decided to give a 180 degree turn to the experience.


It seems that, regarding the origin of innovation, determining the source between producer and user refers us to the eternal discussion between what came first, the chicken or the egg?

This mentality has led different industries to adopt technological advances, and to experiment with new ways, not only to create products, but to provide solutions.

Today the financial industry remains at the forefront of innovation, we are constantly evolving and we identify that our greatest source of innovation is the user.

We know that money is a very broad concept, which impacts many aspects of our day to day. If in itself, each head is a world, the complexity with which a better service can be provided is of a higher order.

This 180-degree turn in the financial services industry is focused on the user, who today can approach intermediaries to raise his voice, suggest improvements and enjoy the innovative solutions that bring users closer to their dreams, enjoying freely.

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